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For your Sandblasting Cabinet

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  1. New 'Y' Style Blast Gun complete w/Ceramic Extended Nozzle

  2. High Volume feathering-action Foot Control

  3. New Style Adjustable Metering Valve w/trap door Fitting Adapter

  4. Pressure Regulator w/Gauge (2" for Standard, 2.5" for Standard-Plus, 3.5" for Deluxe)

  5. Hoses, Fittings, and Grommets.

Click Here to View an Install Video for a Tacoma Company Upgrade Kit

Standard Kit

The Standard Kit is the basic, get-er'-done kit that is the lowest cost version of our components. They have less man-hours into them, yet still meet our standards of excellence. Like a Chevrolet car is to transportation, the Standard Kit is to our 3 versions of the Upgrade Kits --It will get you there just fine -- no complaints. And were there no comparisons, this kit would be completely satisfactory as a total make-over of the blast cabinet.

*Please note that featured pictures exclude grommets and  hose length is not cut to actual size; set up this way to portray a simple representation of our system. 

Standard-Plus Kit

The Standard-Plus Kit comes with more craftsmanship, design and performance elements, and could be compared to the 'Buick' model of our kit offerings. There is a little more adjustability and refinement in each component.

*Please note that featured pictures exclude grommets and  hose length is not cut to actual size; set up this way to portray a simple representation of our system. 


Deluxe Kit


The Deluxe Kit is more of the same, but would be considered our 'Cadillac' model. After decades of research and refinement, it is the very best we offer at this point. It is the one we would like everyone to have.

What exactly distinguishes our Deluxe Model?

  • The Foot Pedal Component is substantially heavier, made out of 11G steel and fully encases the valve body, it has a distinct 2 powder-coat finish, as well as permanent rubber feet to reduce bottom floor rub and keep component from shifting while in use. The pedal plate is concave to comfortably meet your foot's range of motion.

  • The Gun has a longer body than both the STD and STD+ models, allowing for more expanse in the inner chamber; it maintains the use of the same nozzle but hosts a longer Air Jet, this tapered jet effectively compresses air from the hose's ID. The nozzle is secured with a brass nut that has a beveled finish.

  • The Metering Valve pulls air through a screen for broader coverage. It has additional jets compared to our STD and STD+ models. This is effective in leaning out the media. It's body shape is longer and has a slower taper, broadening the adjustment range. 

  • The Gauge face is 3.5" in diameter and it's needle is easy to read.  


*Please note that featured pictures exclude grommets and  hose length is not cut to actual size; set up this way to portray a simple representation of our system. 


Providing Everything You Need

Additional Upgrade Options

Baffle Box

Covers air intake port on left inside of cabinet, re-directing in-take air flow down to front corner of cabinet. Made of Galvalume.

See Install Video Here


Waste Gate Elbow

A flanged elbow to be attached over the rear vacuum port of cabinet. Lower sweep elbow attaches to 2.5" vacuum hose, w/adjustable valve at top for adjustment of your cabinet's negative vacuum pressure, to keep good media in the cabinet and dust out. Hardware Included.

See Install Video Here

Baffle Box Topper

To close off the top of the rear port baffle box for best air-flow dynamics. We want vacuum to pull solely from the bottom of that baffle. Our design matches the angle of your cabinet, so as to keep media/dust from collecting up top.

See Install Video Here

Please note: Custom measurement required.

Click pictures below to enlarge for

 reference to measurement area  

Bolt Replacement Kits:

Low-profile, stainless steel rivet bolts that replace original assembly hardware, for smoother inner seams. These replacement bolts are slightly larger in diameter than the bolts that come with the cabinet, and are only 3/8" long; leg bolts are 1/2" in length.

A.HOPPER BOLT KIT-- 22 Nut/Bolt Sets

B. UPPER BOLT KIT-- 39 Nut/Bolt Sets

C. LEG BOLT KIT-- 24 Nut/.5"Rivet Bolt/SS Washer Set

Window Quick-Change Kit

Provides the hardware needed for quick, safe window glass replacement of interior 'throw-away' sheet of glass..

**Includes: retaining clips (made to keep one or two layers of glass from ending up on the floor after frame is removed), T-bolts, nutcerts, custom insert tool, and Allen wrench.

See Install Video Here

Light Kits:

You can't blast well if you can't see well.

These kits includes 75 watt bulbs, which provide excellent light, use very little energy, last a long time and give user the option to choose degree of light angle. Each kit has an added receptacle to receive vacuum power plug, so light switch will power both vacuum and lights. 

See Install Video Here




Hopper Funnel Adapter

Replaces the trap door at the base of the cabinet hopper, creating a smooth flow transition from cabinet hopper to metering valve, aiding in quick media changes. Made of thick gauge steel, bent, welded, blasted and powder-coated a hammertone black all in shop. (Include your cabinet type if ordered)

See Install Video Here

Cuff Kit

Fitted 4-piece sheet metal cuffs which bridge the remaining screen support ledge, after removal of the hopper grid frame/screen support, preventing media build-up on that ledge.

Eliminating any ledges is the goal. We want seams that sluff off media, and keep media changes quick and efficient.  

See Install Video Here


Door Shield

2-piece metal fairings to keep media out of the holes in the HF cabinet door; and to deflect media back into the cabinet--not on your shop floor--when opening the door.

We offer an Galvalume finish or a black durable, textured, powder-coat finish. 

See Install Video Here

Cabinet Pressure Flow Meter

Allows operator to monitor negative vacuum pressure in the cabinet, which can then be adjusted with Waste Gate Elbow and secondarily, the Vacuum Waste Gate, to lower the cabinet pressure, such as would be required for light density media (like fine crushed glass), and higher pressures for heavier media (like coarse garnet).

See Install Video Here 

But please note: Video depicts OLDER Flow Meter model installation; use it to get a 'big picture idea' but follow written, hard copy instructions for actual install of your 4th Gen. Flow Meter 

IMG_6740 (1).jpg

Vacuum Waste Gate

A secondary vacuum pressure relief valve that mounts to a ShopVac-type unit. Used for better pressure control when vacuum is high horsepower (over 3.5hp), in excess of what the Waste Gate Elbow (Option 2) can handle. 

See Install Video Here

Blasting Gloves

Our gauntlets are made in-house to order, using high quality naugahyde, double sewn to tough, flexible gloves. The first number in the sizing correlates to the diameter of arm rings on the cabinet. HF cabinets have a 7" arm ring diameter.

{Available in size: Medium, Large, or Extra-Large} 

  • 7.25" x 24" Length

(Standard replacement for all HF--style cabinets)

  • 7.25" x 26" Length

(Recommended size for HF style cabinets with lowered interior screen)

Spare Ceramic Extended Nozzle

This 7mm nozzle is the size we recommend for all HF-style cabinets. It pairs to the taper of the ID of the brass Air Jet in the Blast Gun. Unique in its design, this nozzle hosts only tapered and beveled edges, eliminating any resistance of airflow. Media enters and travels the entirety of your gun on a constant, uninterrupted taper.

Foam Tapes

High Density Self-Adhesive:

Offering just the amount you need for the job (plus a few inches to spare)

  • HOPPER--for the perimeter of the hopper joint.

  • WINDOW--for the perimeter of the window glass.

Hole Plug Kit

For plugging unused OEM holes (10 pieces).

Because if you are going to do it right--you have to do it ALL right!

This inexpensive kit covers all bases, plugging any last unused holes from your stock setup.

"I wanted to say thank you for such a quality product. Just received it , installed it immediately, and what a difference!! Great. Job.

Also I would like to praise you for the thank you card and pocket constitution--what a pleasant surprise. You are truly a company that makes this country great. Proud to be a customer of yours. I have a friend I shared this with and he doesn't have a blast cabinet yet but wants to order an Upgrade Kit just because of how you handle your business. Keep up the great work." 

~Jeff O'Donnell  // July 2023



By way of introduction, we are a small family-owned, American manufacturing business in the Northwest, where we produce our proprietary products, along with our dedicated and skilled crew, to ship across the nation and far beyond.

 Mike has been in the business of blasting for over 40 years. 

We look forward to serving your blasting needs!

Helping Keep America Industrious,

Tacoma Company;  Established 1994

In loving memory of Kelly:

incredible mother, mentor, sister, and seeker of God.

Passionate in all her life's endeavors; Tacoma Company would not exist without Kelly Tacoma.  

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We really want to ensure you order only what is necessary for your specific application and set up; because of this we only offer ordering over the phone at this time. 

We welcome the old school phone call!

Our mom-and-pop-shop is quick to consult, diagnose, and send you what you really need MOST for optimal performance and efficiency enhancement!

We also welcome calls with questions regarding blasting of any kind, regardless of purchase -- We are here to help!

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