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old wrench and tools and Engine spare partsr on rusty background . _motorcycle tools and m
old wrench and tools and Engine spare partsr on rusty background . _motorcycle tools and m

Basic Blasting Media Types & Usage:

GLASS ABRASIVE -- Crushed recycled glass product that is sieved to grit size --

This media type is what we would recommend for most blast-cleaning applications as Glass Abrasive is effective on a wide range of applications, while preventing the part from being over blasted, as well as avoiding premature wear on the blast cabinet consumables(nozzles, gloves, air jets, window glass). With a Mohs Hardness Scale rating of 5-6 it is hard enough to effectively blast/clean parts without damaging the metal substrate, even aluminum or brass. And yet it is hard enough to remove most coatings and rust, while evenly re-profiling the surface. Glass Abrasive #75 (Med. Fine Grit) is an excellent general purpose blasting material to have on hand. Use blasting pressures under 40 PSI to maintain the particle shape and size through multiple blasting cycles. Pressures over 40 PSI tend to break down the particles on impact, reducing them to fine/dust like particles. Very fine to coarse Glass Abrasive is available with prices ranging from $26-$29 for 24lbs. Shipping is $16.25 to anywhere in the continental US in a Medium Flat Rate. (Grit size pictured to the right or above is #20, purposely large for visual representation)

GARNET -- Crushed sieved natural garnet mined in the USA -

Garnet is excellent when something more aggressive than Glass Abrasive is needed to effectively blast/clean a part. Deep pitted rust, heavy layered coatings, and re-profiling resilient steel substrates may require this media to be effective. Garnet, at 7.5-8 on the Mohs Scale, will cycle through the blaster many times before breaking down. It can be used at higher pressures than glass media. Garnet's density makes every particle hit an effective one to quickly clean and profile durable substrates. For general blasting Garnet #50, #60, or #80 are good places to start. Very Fine to Coarse grit sizes are available. Our prices for 25lbs of Garnet range from $34.00-$38.50, which ship for $16.25 via USPS Flat Rate or $23 if 50lbs. is ordered. (Again, please note that pictured Garnet to the left or above in mobile view is purposefully the largest Grit size we carry simply for visual representation)

GLASS BEAD -- Glass impact beads manufactured in the USA --

Glass Bead is excellent as a peening and polishing blasting material used as the 2nd step in a 2-part blasting process where an abrasive is used first, followed by Glass Bead to fully restore the part to like-new condition. Blast Glass Bead at very low pressures (5-20 PSI) to maintain the round shape of the beads for multiple cycles through the blaster. With our Upgrade Kit components installed, only a couple cups to a couple pounds of bead is necessary to effectively cycle through the blaster. Keep fresh beads in the blaster for repeatable finishes. Peening blast-cleaned parts, especially older or rusted metals, with a low pressure blasting with Glass Beads will add life to the metal as it stress relieves the surface. The smooth surface will resist finger-printing. This 2nd stage abrasive blasting followed by bead blasting is recommended for both bare metal parts and those being prepped for re-coating. Glass Bead #7 is a good general purpose Glass Bead to have on hand. The rule of thumb is that the larger the bead, the brighter the finish, the smaller the bead the more satin the finish. Our Mil spec ranges from 3 - 13. Pricing for 25lbs. of Glass Bead is between $34-$39 + $16.25 for shipping. (Pictured Glass Bead to the right or above in mobile view is Mil Spec 3 for best visual representation)

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